How Coworking Helped Grow My Social Media Marketing Company

Roxanne Roark

My name is Roxanne. I’m a social media marketer. And not one of those people that just say they “do” social media. I literally help market my clients to their audiences by trial and error learning. We do actual marketing. I don’t just take pretty pictures and post for people on Facebook. I have been a social media marketer since 2011 when my husband and I learned I was pregnant. I knew nothing then about marketing in general but had been given the opportunity to learn how to “do this social media thing” by my husband’s company, an industrial electronics repair company (that has since closed when the owner passed) in Inola, OK.

I’m an avid and quick learner when something interests me. Marketing became my love. I loved learning about the audience and how to make them do what I wanted (such as click a link or call our number). With this interest, and the birth of our child, we were forced to choose between me continuing to work full time or stay home with the baby; nothing else made any sense. We were going to be losing cash flow either way. So I stayed home with the baby and created R3 Social Media, my social media marketing company that I run out of my (favorite) coworking space, The Bridge.

Now, obviously, I didn’t start at this coworking space in Tulsa. In fact, I started R3 out of my home with an old desktop (yep, I still had a desktop in 2011) and worked with a friend who happened to also be starting up a wonderful and enthusiastically successful business, Pam Ann Marketing. While I still held on to a small contract with my husband’s company, Pam and I built our businesses; her doing SEO and me doing social media marketing. It really was a great time in my life. For fun, here’s my old headshot and an old logo from back then!

‍Haha! We all start somewhere.

But fast forward a few years to when I worked for my previous employer, who found The Bridge coworking in Tulsa. They opened up a satellite office in the space and I got to fall in love with this new thing called coworking, and best of all, be a part of a wonderful community of other creative and like-minded people! Fast forward a little farther to when I parted ways with my employer and luckily, since I hadn’t shut down R3, was able to hastily set up shop in the space I had grown to love with the people I had grown to adore! The community helped rally around me, and I went from making literally $0.00 in the beginning of 2017 to bringing in a profit within a few months of coming back to my brand. And I have to give a lot of credit to the fabulous people I met at The Bridge and to coworking in general.

Because I had a home base to work from each day, I was able to meet new clients with the quickness. I had a professional setting to welcome them to and a bright, hilarious “family” of connections to discuss issues with and brainstorm new ideas with in the space. Within that first month of “re-opening” R3 Social Media, I already knew a branding guy and a photographer that takes beautiful headshots. I worked with both of them to rebrand, order new business cards, get headshots and rework my website. All of this was thanks to coworking at The Bridge. If I hadn’t been here, I would have had to go through the drudgery of getting recommendations and finding the right people to get the jobs done, which would have cost me valuable time. So you can see the updates these guys helped me accomplish:

Thanks to the people I met at my office space, I was able to really hit the ground running and build my business back up to nearly what it was when I “left” it within 3 months of losing my J-O-B. If that’s not a success story, I don’t know what is! And because of all of this, I hold this coworking space dear in my heart and totally encourage EVERYONE to come see me at The Bridge (5272 South Lewis Ave, Tulsa OK 74105 ;) ) and see the space, meet the people, and even enjoy a free coworking day to get an idea of why this place is so great.

If this entire blog post isn’t the best testimonial you’ve ever read, I don’t know what is! Haha. But seriously. I was able to bring my business back to life all because of this coworking space thing, and you should really consider it for yourself. Here’s to many more good years with The Bridge, R3 Social Media, and to your company, too!

Interested in hiring me for digital marketing or social media services? Reach out! Text/Call: 918-701-0227 or email me at Roxanne “at”

‍MUCH BETTER! Thanks to DSB Creative and Hello Headshots.


Roxanne R. Roark is an experienced and knowledgeable social media marketer working with digital marketing agencies and their clientele, as well as small businesses, to bring their digital marketing presence into a competitive space through strategic planning and initiatives. Roxanne lives in Glenpool, OK and is a proud mother and amateur gardener who likes to binge episodes of baking shows and teen dramas. Because.. Why not?

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