We've Joined the Coworking Visa!

Love the coworking community? Love to travel? So do we!

Those are two of the reasons we joined the Coworking Visa! The Coworking Visa program is a group of over 450 coworking spaces around the world that recognize each other and cooperate to provide international coworking experiences. Full-time members of any coworking space in the program can visit any other coworking space in the program for free. Talk about a great coworking perk!

Coworkers are encouraged to tweet about the space they are visiting to thank them, and as a nice little PR boost.

Each space sets their own rules. Most spaces provide one to three days of day-desk use after proof of coworking space membership is provided. That means if you are on a trip and need to get some work done, you can browse the impressive number of coworking spaces in the Visa and go experience another coworking space!

We're excited to join the global coworking community.    


  • Up to 2 free days of day-desk use
  • 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Email us 2 days in advance, with the information about your home space
  • Relax and enjoy the Bridge's community, wi-fi, and coffee!

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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